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We are always looking for key innovations within the lighting control industry. Research in combination with core motivations result in the best innovations!

Smart Receiver

LED lighting made smart!

Easy Connect

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DiGidot Smart Receiver

Experience the ease of integration with its compact and lightweight design, effortlessly connecting to any LED fixture’s PCB. 

Unify control with single, unified protocol, eliminating the need for multiple controllers and simplifying maintenance. Embrace ongoing innovation with its upgradeable firmware, staying ahead of the curve with the latest features and enhancements. Harness real-time data exchange with RDM communication, enabling proactive maintenance and effortless lighting adjustments. Enhance responsiveness with its two sensor inputs, connecting environmental sensors for adaptive control tailored to specific requirements. Fine-tune your illumination with pixel adjustments, creating dynamic groups of pixels or adjusting grayscale for personalized ambiances. 

Empower your LED fixtures with the PxLNet Smart Receiver and experience the transformative power of smarter lighting. 

Turn any LED fixture into a Smart fixture

With the PxLNet Smart Receiver, you can turn any LED fixture into a Smart fixture, regardless of the type of protocol the fixture uses. The PxLNet Smart Receiver translates the fixture’s protocol to the PxLNet protocol, enabling the fixture to be controlled by any controller.

''Innovation is the key to our future''
Stefan Verhoef
DiGidot - Founder

DiGidot Easy Connect

Eliminating the need for complex installation boxes, simplifying the process and saving time. With only two power inputs and automatic switching capabilities, you can connect multiple LED fixtures with ease. This streamlined approach reduces cable clutter and ensures a faster, more efficient installation. Each output features four replaceable fuses, providing robust protection against short circuits and other potential hazards. 

Four status LEDs provide clear indication of power status for each output, enabling you to quickly identify and address any potential issues. This real-time insight fosters proactive maintenance and ensures seamless operation of your lighting system.

The DiGidot Easy Connect represents a paradigm shift in lighting control, introducing a level of simplicity, efficiency, and protection that has never been seen before. This revolutionary device empowers technicians and facility managers to streamline installations, enhance safety, and gain unprecedented control over their lighting systems.

Forget cables and complicated installation boxes

Embrace the future of installation and lighting control with the DiGidot Easy Connect and experience the transformative power of innovation.

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