About us

DiGidot Technologies is a tech company located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our founders were involved in pixel controlled LED projects in the early 2000's. Following to the increasing need for better and more cost effective control solutions they began developing the first Art-Net to SPI pixel-controller on the market in 2013.

The first big successes were shows like Sensation, Armin van Buren in concert and Tomorrowland around 2015.

These successes and increasing market lead to the foundation of DiGidot Technologies BV in 2016. From that moment on we focussed on one thing only; the DiGidot pixel control system.

Our products gained a lot of popularity worldwide because they are powerful, versatile and easy to use. DiGidot products can not only be found in entertainment related projects and events but also in signage, architainment and architectural lighting projects.

Our mission

We empower our clients to unlock their potential of creativity in new visual media, leading to unique and exciting experiences.

Our vision

With passion and dedication we push the boundaries of new media and lighting control applications. We strive constantly to develop smart & innovative products that are unique, versatile, reliable and that set a new standard of pixel control solutions.

Our core Values


We work with a multidisciplinary team of passionate people, with extensive expertise and experience. Unconventional in their thinking. Hands-on in their doing.
Our team challenges the industry standards by thinking out of the box, being creative and by applying existing as well as new technologies.

As a high end solution provider and manufacturer, we embrace technological progress and put innovation in the forefront.


We do what we love and love what we do, resulting in creative projects that excite. We strive to be the 'feedback loop’ of our customers imagination by offering technical solutions to realize creative and challenging lighting applications.
Ultimately we want audiences to be amazed and love to play our part to make that happen.


We realize that our products are being used in demanding circumstances, such as live shows, TV productions, concerts, traffic and crowd control, etcetera. This means that reliability is is a key factor when it comes to choosing the right hardware.

Our products are fully designed and engineered in the Netherlands, factory tested. We use only high quality UL certified components and our products comply with all necessary directives.

Together with our service oriented mindset and goal to set the highest possible standard, we’re confident that our products will meet any requirement.