Pushing Control Boundaries

DiGidot offers smart solutions for pixel control and interfacing.

We love pixels

DiGidot Technologies is a passionate tech company that develops and produces innovative products for a wide range of lighting control applications. Our passion is to control SPI controlled LED pixels in the easiest way possible. We designed our DiGidot control platform in a way that it's easy to use for beginners and offers great flexibility for professionals.

" Our passion makes the difference "

digidot c4

Pixel control specialist

Thanks to many years of field experience and a dedicated team we're able to develop innovative and unique products to control pixel controlled LED lighting.

Universal platform

Our hardware is compatible with almost any pixel controlled LED product on the market and with any kind of industry standard Art-Net or DMX control system.

Our markets

Our products are found in live events, TV shows, theaters, clubs, architecture, cruise ships, retail stores, signage, art installations, hospitality, casino’s, interactive entertainment and many more.

Using light in new ways

DiGidot bridges the worlds of technology, art and architecture. Experience new possibilities by pixelating light emitting surfaces. In the past we used to control brightness and colors of light but DiGidot brings light into motion.

Transform spaces

Experience space in new and ever changing ways by making light truly dynamic and present. The ability to control every pixel easily opens up new ways to experience and interact with light.

Take control

Our hardware is mostly invisible but our power to control thousands of pixels brings the most impressive installations to life.
Immerse people in new stimuli by adding actual movement to light installations.

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Companies that use our products

Allianz arena
Istanbul airport
Louis vuitton
MSC Cruises
Radisson Blue
Sony music
DiGidot C4 top view

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