DiGidot C4 controller

The DiGidot C4 is more than just a pixel controller, DiGidot is the most advanced SPI control system on the market.
Thanks to its powerful features we are able to eliminate various peripheral hardware compared to other pixel control systems.
Create clear and more cost effective infrastructures with the DiGidot C4.

DiGidot C4 controller

High output

16 Universes


2720 RGB LEDs


63 SPI protocols


4 Devices in one

New infrastructures

Whatever your needs are, the DiGidot C4 provides a solution for nearly every situation. It's an advanced and easy to use platform that allows you to create new possibilities to control and interact with your lighting project. Infrastructures will never look the same once you've worked with the DiGidot C4.


A built in two-port Ethernet switch allows you to daisy-chain multiple DiGidot C4 controllers and create a huge device network to control any scale of pixel project. If you need to network more than five DiGidot C4 controllers, just add a gigabit network switch.

DiGidot C4 interface

The built in web interface is what makes DiGidot C4 controllers really stand out. A well designed, fresh looking and easy to use menu structure with many powerful tools guarantee a short learning curve.

Check our guided DiGidot C4 interface tour.

View interface

DiGidot C4 controller
digidot c4 app

DiGidot C4 app

No matter what kind of platform you’re using, a computer, smartphone or tablet, our responsive user interface always provides full functionality and a user friendly experience.
Download our free app for smart devices and configure the DiGidot C4 wirelessly in a matter of minutes.

appstore digidot c4 Google Play store

Swiss army knife

The DiGidot C4 is more than an Art-Net to SPI controller. Thanks to many powerful features we are able to save various peripheral hardware that usually would be needed. These savings make infrastructures a lot simpler and also more cost effective.

There's no need for any additional Art-Net Nodes, no separate DMX to SPI decoders for every universe, no signal mergers/routers and no Ethernet switches (up to five C4 controllers).

When using the DiGidot C4 Extended, you can even save on media servers, Art-Net lighting consoles, playback recorders, computers with pixel control software and you don’t need an external GPIO trigger interface. In many cases the DiGidot C4 Extended is all you need to control your pixel installation.

swiss knife
Digidot c4 outputs

Free port assignment

The incoming and outgoing protocols can be configured in various combinations.
This allows the DiGidot C4 controllers to be used in following ways:

  • Art-Net/sACN* input to 4 x SPI output
  • Art-Net/sACN* input to 2 x SPI output + 1 x DMX output
  • Art-Net/sACN* input to 2 x DMX output
  • Art-Net/sACN* input to 4 x DMX output (with PxLNet Transmitter)
  • Art-Net/sACN* input to 4 x DMX TTL output
  • Art-Net/sACN* + 2 x DMX input to merged Art-Net output
  • 1 x DMX input to 2 x SPI output
  • 1 x DMX input for triggering + 1 x DMX output (Extended only)
  • 2 x DMX input to Art-Net output, or for recording (Extended only)
  • 1 x DMX input for triggering + 2 x SPI output (Extended only)

    (* sACN will be available in the upcoming firmware release before the end of 2020. Please contact us if this is required for your project)

Extensive SPI library

By supporting 62 SPI protocols/IC’s the DiGidot C4 takes the lead on compatibility with SPI controlled pixel products.


To check performances and maximum port limits, please read our DiGidot performance Guide.


Softwares & consoles

Any industry standard Art-Net or DMX control system can be used to control the DiGidot C4.

Our customers have successfully used a wide range of professional softwares and consoles such as Pharos, Madrix, Resolume, ArKaos, MadMapper, grandMA, Skandal, Green Hippo, Chromateq, Disguise, Obsidian and many more.

Art-Net software, madrix, resolume
Nicolaudie Architectural
ELM Enttec LED mapper
Grand MA lighting
Green Hippo
Mad Madmapper

Sustainable choice


Lifetime license

Every DiGidot C4 comes with a lifetime license that determines the amount of channels that can be controlled. There are no additional costs involved.



Licenses can be upgraded 24/7 which means maximum flexibility, even on site.
Our DiGidot license plan includes four C4 Live and four C4 Extended licenses. As long as the maximum license has not been reached, an upgrade can be done any time.
New license key’s can be obtained online or can be downloaded and installed in off line installations.


Always up to date

Our dedicated team of soft- and hardware developers is constantly working on improvements and new powerful features which are frequently released through online and offline firmware updates. This means that he DiGidot C4 platform is constantly growing and becoming more powerful without paying anything extra.

Digidot C4 extended

DiGidot C4 Extended is everything you need

The Extended License offers the ultimate stand alone pixel control solution which is basically the same as the C4 Live but adds many extra features such as an Art-Net and DMX playback recorder, countless powerful triggering and automation options. The C4 Extended is the only controller of its kind and combines the best of pixel control systems, media server features and extensive integration and automation options in one small sized device.

Record & playback

Record and play Art-Net or DMX streams with the DiGidot C4 Extended and use it as a stand alone control system. Create seamless loops out of recorded effects or save them as a with a pingpong or fade effect.

Generate scenes

Generate static color scenes or colorscroll effects within seconds! You don't need any pixel control software nor any programming skills. Simple effects can be generated easily using the DiGidot C4 web interface.

digidot c4 trigger interface

Trigger interface & live control

The DiGidot C4 Extended includes a built in trigger interface for a wide range of automation and system integration applications.

Various trigger options such as ‘Linked triggers’ offer a great amount of controllability when playing recorded scenes.

While scenes are playing you’re able adjust the brightness, saturation, speed and you can even change colors by shifting the hue. This is not only very user friendly but it also offers many possibilities for system integration.

Trigger options

3x Analog inputs

  • 0-10V, 1-10V, potentiometers
  • Dry contacts for switches and relays


Build in Time / calendar

Sunset / sunrise time

On board button




Internal tasks

Light management systems

The industry standard trigger options of the DiGidot C4 Extended ensure a very easy and fast integration in light-/building management systems. Every management system that supports one or more compatible trigger options or protocols can be used to gain control over a DiGidot C4 Extended network. This way all intelligence remains in the DiGidot C4 and external management systems act as remote controls.

Philips Dynalite

Live VS Extended license

Check which license suits your project best




Universe license options

4, 8, 12 or 16

1, 2, 4 or 8

Art-Net/DMX to SPI

Input / output, network, device configuration

Accounts, groups, monitor, backup functions

Free updates

Record and playback (standalone)



Technical details

Input voltage
5-24 Vdc
Max. Power consumption
Input protocols
Art-Net 1,2,3 & 4
DMX512 (2 inputs)
Output protocols
Art-Net 1,2,3 & 4 (out/through)
DMX512 (2 outputs)
DMX TTL (4 outputs)
55+ SPI protocols
Output ports
4 ports
Output channels
512 / 1024 / 2048 / 4096 / 6144 / 8192 Art-Net and/or up to 1024 DMX channels
IP Rating
153 x 74 x 28 mm (L x W x H)
6.02 x 2.91 x 1.10” (L x W x H)
140gr | 4.93oz

outline digidot c4

Choose your setup


Art-Net to SPI



Price (excl. vat)

Live 4




Live 8




Live 12




Live 16




Extended 1





Extended 2





Extended 4





Extended 8