No project is the same, here at DiGidot we’re well aware of the increasing importance of system integration and need for customized solutions.

In fact this is where our company foundation is based upon. Back in 2013, the lack of good quality multi functional Art-Net to SPI controllers was the exact reason why our founders started to develop new solutions themselves.

DiGidot Enegineering

Some projects need some minor firmware changes or special scripts in order to realize what clients want to achieve but others might need special hardware or even need a completely new type of infrastructure.

In these cases we’re happy to take a look at your requirements and see if we can come up with a solution.

  • Quick feasibility scan
  • feasibility study
  • development phase
  • production & implementation phase
  • design & product optimisation
  • prototyping & testing phase

Need something special?

We can show a wide range of project examples where our tailor made solutions made things happen which were not possible before.

Innovation starts with your imagination. When we add in our expertise, we can create amazing lighting projects together.

If you are in need of a special solution or product, please mail or call +31 20 820 1849.