APA102 MBI6024 TM1809 WES9412
APA104 MY9221 TM1812 WS943
APA106 MY9231 TM1914A WS2801
BS0901 PC5XS301V0500 UCS1903 WS2803
DM412 SK6812 UCS1904 WS2811
DMX SK6812RGBW UCS2903 WS2812
DMX TTL SM16703 UCS2904 WS2812B
GW6205 SM16716 UCS2912 WS2812S
INK1003 SM16726 UCS512B3 WS2813
LD1510 TM1803 UCS8904 WS2818
LPD6803 TM1804 UCS9812

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