DiGidot C4 App

An easy way to configure and control your DiGidot C4. With our app, you can configure everything you can, in the same way you can with the built in web based user interface.
The DiGidot C4 app is packed with powerful extra features and setting up your DiGidot C4's is now easier than ever before.

Feature overview

  • Getting started wizard
  • Setup & change the Input/output configuration
  • SPI protocol/IC editor to change color orders etc.
  • Adjust the network configuration for Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Manage user accounts
  • Create groups
  • Power limiter
  • In- & output monitor
  • Brightness adjustment

Additional features for the Extended

  • Generate, record and playback scenes
  • After recording a scene, adjust the scene length, create a loop, pingpong or fade effect
  • Setup triggers with: Analog input, HTTP-Get, UDP, DMX, Art-Net, OSC, Time and calendar, onboard button, etc.
  • Create action lists
  • Adjust scene speed and hue


The DiGidot C4 app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s also available as a webapp on: http://interface.digidot.eu

Download the DiGidot C4 app google-play-badge

DiGidot C4 app