DiGidot Rx48

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The DiGidot Rx48 is a small receiver module that can be used to extend the data cable distance between a DiGidot C4 and SPI controlled LED strips. It outputs a SPI (data only) protocol and can be soldered directly to most pixel controlled LED strips. The standard distance between a DiGidot C4 output is only a few meters (we recommend 2 meters / 6.5 ft). The maximum distance between a DiGidot Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) module is 250 meters. It features a RJ45 bus to insert a data cable conveniently but can also be soldered if necessary.

Note: This product is a PCB only and needs to be soldered. All grounds must be connected at all times.



Supply voltage: 12-48 Vdc

SPI type: Data only

Dimensions: 53 x 16.12 x 13.5 mm

Weight: 6 gr





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