DiGidot PxLNet Transceiver 2

DiGidot PxLNet Transceiver 2

  • SP - Solder pads only
  • ST - Screw terminals
  • RJ - RJ45 bus

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The ultimate solution to improve any SPI controlled system.

PxLNet Transceiver module with selectable operating mode (for Transmitting or Receiving PxLNet data).
Connect to a PxLNet Transmitter or Transceiver with a network cable connected to the RJ45 bus or solder a data cable to the solder pads.
Two modules, one in transmit and one in receive mode, can be used to extend the data range of a single DiGidot C4 output port.
This module can be soldered directly to most industry standard digital LED strips based on SPI (data only) protocols.

  • Easy to install
  • Send or receive up to 8 universes up to 250 meters away
  • Convert DMX TTL and send or receive DMX up to 500 meters away
  • Simplifies infrastructures
  • Increases system efficiency
  • Reduces the amount of controllers

  • Improved stability
  • Operating voltage range of 5-48Vdc
  • 3 connection versions / options (RJ45 bus (RJ), screw terminals (ST) or solder pads (SP) 
    (The ST and SP version will become available soon)
  • Transmit & receive mode
  • DMX to  DMX TTL conversion
  • Status led indicators
  • PxLNet to SPI conversion
  • SPI signal range up to 250 meters
  • DMX signal range up to 500 meters
  • Connect up to 8 universes

OtherCountry of OriginThe Netherlands
Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)3.00 x 2.00 x 1.00
 Weight (kg)0.01

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