Turkish Airlines Lounges

Project name

Turkish Airlines Lounges


Turkish Airlines


Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Control solution

1 x Madrix Maximum
2 x Madrix Professional

DiGidot partners

LEDFlex Limited

Lighting designer

Cinimod Studio / Softroom


LEDFlex Limited

Photo & video credits

Ikoor / Ahmet Oktay, Büşra Yeltekin

DiGidot products

23 x DiGidot PxLNode

200 x PxLNet Transceiver

35 x DiGidot C4 Live 4

The story

We are very proud to have worked with LEDFlex on this fantastic project. The scale and infrastructure of this project required us to come up with a new solution.  It was more convenient to have a centralized control solution that was ready for long range data communication and which required less installation time. There was only one solution fulfilling all requirements, which was the new DiGidot rack mounted PxLNode’s that were already in development at that time.
The PxLNode’s are located on 8 sites throughout the kilometer long project. One of rack’s included a powerful Madrix computer and 5 of the control rack’s were connected through a fiber optic Gigabit network because of the great distances in between.
The PxLNode’s send PxLNet data to the PxLNet Transceivers which are located at every 40m Ultimo Pixel RGBW run. 

DiGidot supplied all PxLNode’s pre configured and labeled in order to speed up the installation and wiring process. 

Thanks to careful planning and close collaboration with LEDFlex, the installation and commissioning was carried out quickly and effectively.

LEDFlex about this project:

“In a creative collaboration with London-based experiential design studio, Cinimod, LEDFlex has designed bespoke Pixel solutions for the Airport’s Turkish Airlines lounges. Split into five lounges (Domestic, Arrival, Business, Miles&Smile and Exclusive) across a grand area of 15000sqm within the new futuristic airline’s hub, LEDFlex has manufactured over 10km of Ultimo Pixel RGBW to be integrated into the innovative and iconic ‘Ribbon Wall’ which consists of six lines of dynamic light guiding the passenger journey through the lounges. The Pixel Solutions are controlled by DiGidot PxLNode controllers which enable intelligent communication between the software, Madrix, and the linear LEDs, programming the light into contemporary, colour changing wave-like movements.

From conceptualisation to installation, LEDFlex has worked closely with the creatives at Cinimod to achieve the desired outcome. Technical experts at LEDFlex provided detailed electrical schematics for on-site engineers that facilitated the installation process. They were additionally involved in developing the required lighting effects to be displayed on the LEDFlex luminaries. All the limitations encountered on site were further supervised by LEDFlex, ensuring that the luminaire system adapted to match the designer’s requirements.”

Please visit the LEDFlex website for more information about this project.