Project name

Tieto HQ


Tieto Finland Oy


Espoo, Finland

Control solution

Skandal Technologies

DiGidot partners

Skandal Technologies

Lighting designer

LDC Lighting Design Collective


Skandal Technologies

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DiGidot supplied the part of the control technology/solution to the project where Lighting Design Collective (LDC) designed a large scale responsive lighting installation for the HQ of the Finnish IT company TIETO.

TIETO has created an intelligent building by using countless sensors to collect and analyze data, which in return was visualised by LDC and translated into thousands of individually controlled LEDs. Thinking outside the box really paid off because the result of this project speaks for itself.

This project is a perfect example of how DiGidot technology can be integrated into large scale architectural projects.

To interact with the IoT network, first a virtual reality model was built by ReVR a Madrid based specialist in the field. The live data was integrated into the VR and finally translated into the space. Latest printed electronics technologies with semi-transparent film, creating individually controlled points of light suspended in space, were used to create 26m tall 3D light sculpture.

The reception desk and the fabric wall panels also receive the pixel controlled live data visualisations immersing the visitors into ambient communication. In the corridors the data flows through special LoT downlights from Artemide where the beam width and the colour responds to the live digital content. In the end, the light creates a new kind of cyber physical architecture where the interactive live digital data flows into the environment.


The DiGidot C4 controllers were used to control custom made hybrid LED-lighting foils from Flexbright, and Artemide LoT spotlights.

Tapio Rosenius ( Lighting Design Collective & Skandal Technologies) tells the reason why he used the DiGidot C4 controllers: “The DiGidot C4 are flexible and easy to use for large scale Art-Net installations”.

This was the world’s first installation of its kind. Live sensor data acting as parametric triggering for large scale printed electronics (hybrid LED-lighting foils).

tieto hq

tieto hq