DiGidot for Lighting Designer

DiGidot for Lighting Designers

DiGidot is excited to begin a direct collaboration with lighting designers. Following the IALD conference in Berlin, we recognized the significance of investing in education and igniting inspiration among lighting designers.

In this exclusive online workshop, we will explore the boundless potential that DiGidot brings to lighting designers for projects of all sizes. We will delve into the intricacies of our DiGidot C4 controller, showcasing how creativity knows no bounds with DiGidot technology.

Pushing Control Boundaries

Online workshop program

DiGidot online workshop for Lighting Designers starts in:


The online workshop for Lighting Designers

Want to learn about the endless possibilities of LED light? Create diverse and immersive experiences with the most user-friendly and compatible system on the market! 

DiGidot C4 controllers allow you to create stunning images and a wide variety of effects with a simple interface that can be operated on multiple devices. 

Learn more about the DiGidot C4 controller and its endless possibilities for lighting design!