DiGidot & Madrix workshop

Do you want to learn how to use DiGidot & Madrix to create creative and impressive light shows?

Then the DiGdot X Madrix Workshop is the perfect training! In this workshop, you will learn how to use DiGidot & Madrix to design and program light shows.



In this training, you will learn how to configure the network settings, add Art-Net devices to Madrix, patch LEDs in the Patch Editor, use basic effects, and utilize the Map function. You will also learn about the new Global Colors feature that has been added in version 5.6.

  • Configuration of network settings
  • Adding Art-net devices to MADRIX
  • Patches of the LED in Patch Editor 
  • Basic effects & Map function
  • Global Colors (New in 5.6) 


In this training, you will learn how to expand 2D & 3D patches, create a cue list & group control, manage the timeline, apply layers and mapping, and explore the effect parameter chaser. You will also discover the new features in version 5.6 and receive additional tips & tricks!

  • Expand patches (2D/3D) + tips & tricks
  • Que list & Group control
  • Timeline
  • Layers & mapping
  • Effect parameter chaser 

Madrix 5.6

You will learn about the basic functions of DiGidot & Madrix, such as configuring network settings, adding Art-Net devices, patching LEDs, using basic effects, and utilizing the Map function.


In addition, you can learn about more advanced features of DiGidot & Madrix, such as using Que Lists, employing Group Control, utilizing Timelines, incorporating Layers & Mapping, and implementing Effect Parameter Chasers.

The basic workshop starts in:


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The next advanced workshop is to be announced!