DiGidot C4 App

A new and easy way to control your DiGidot C4. This app is built from the ground up. With this app, you can configure everything: Setup the input/output configuration configure the network parameters for Ethernet and WiFI, record and playback scenes, create triggers and much more! Packed with unique features like LED IC- and mutliple devices wizards, setting up your DiGidot C4’s is now easier than ever before!


Feature overview

  • Manage user accounts
  • Change the Input/output configuration
  • ADjust the network configuration for Ethernet and WiFi
  • Setup the input/output configuration


Additional features for the Extended

  • Record and playback scenes
  • After recording a scene, let the system find a loop or do a pingpong effect
  • Setup triggers with: HTTP, UDP, DMX, Art-Net, Time and Buttons


The DiGidot C4 app is now available on the App Store and Google Play store. It’s also available as a webapp on:


Keep in mind the app is still in beta status. If you have any bugs report or suggestions, please contact us by clicking the “Send us a mail” button. Thank you for your feedback!


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