As specialist in creative led lighting, InventDesign has a rich history when it comes to led solutions. We excel in the control of LED pixels. In the past decade we came up with hundreds of custom-made control solutions based on customer requirements. That is how the DiGidot era started in 2013. We asked ourselves; why not have a device that combines all controlling options in one!? Wouldn’t that make lighting much easier?

We started pioneering on creating our own Art-NET driver and tested approximately 600 devices in our projects and installations. The success and potential is entirely due to the fact that we have the ability to test every detail in the field. We didn’t design the device from behind our desks, we were there, in the field, getting our hands dirty and finding worlds most advanced led driver; The DiGidot C4!

DiGidot has the potential to become a world leader in smart led drivers. Therefore, we decided to separate the brand from InventDesign and bring DiGidot into a new company. DiGidot will stay in the same building and maintain strong bonds with InventDesign and its people as this is one of the main reasons of its success.